Four of the Toughest Final Bosses in Video Games

A video game’s final boss fight is something players always remember. When you encounter a particularly difficult one, it makes the entire game even better. Plenty of final bosses are challenging to defeat, but these four are a different kind of tough.

Demise from Skyward Sword

Since Skyward Sword was released last November, Demise has gained the notoriety of being the most difficult final boss in the series’ history. Like most Legend of Zelda bosses, fighting Demise is a three part ordeal. In the first part, he is quick to parry your attacks. It takes patience to dodge, block, and try to hit him without taking damage. In the next part, Demise will strike with his sword electrified. This attack deals two hearts’ worth of damage. Fortunately, Link can also charge his sword and deal the final blow when the time is right. It can be compared to agen judi bola because of its amazing features and graphics.

RAAM from Gears of War

The final boss of Gears of War is best tackled with a friend. Trying to fight him alone with only the AI for help seems near impossible, especially since Dom runs towards him all the time. RAAM is very tough to beat, even on the casual difficulty level. And did I mention the battle takes place on train that’s about to run out of track? RAAM’s most devastating attack is unleashing Kryll. If you’re hiding in the shadows, having them swarm you is instant death. Besides that, Lancers and Hammerbursts don’t seem to do much damage to him. Having a Boomshot, Torque Bow, or grenades is the only way to defeat him.

Bowser from Super Mario Galaxy

The final battle in Galaxy spans three planets. Bowser uses spin attacks and shock waves to attack, so if you don’t keep Mario moving, you’ll be dead in no time. The most difficult element of this final boss fight is the angles you need to line-up in order to hit Bowser with the bulbs. Another hard part is making Bowser follow Mario so he will end in the blue circle that burns his bottom. Super Mario Galaxy plays with gravity and this is definitely felt as you frantically run and jump around during the fight.

Alma from Ninja Gaiden (2004)

Just say the words “Ninja Gaiden” to a gamer and they might begin to twitch. The series is famous for being extremely challenging, and one of the most difficult boss fights from the franchise is Alma in 2004’s Ninja Gaiden. Alma is a fiend who will relentlessly attack with energy spheres, throws, combos, and foot stomps. Getting too close to her during the battle is certain death, and it doesn’t help that there seems to be no pattern of attack that she follows, making it hard to know what to expect. The only way to finally defeat her is by taking your time, dodging, and chipping away her health.

Gamers always have different opinions about what makes a final boss tough. Whether you beat a boss in the first try or after 20, it’s all about how rewarding and challenging it feels, and these battles definitely made many gamer’s palms sweaty.