Know The Differences Between Platform, Paddle And Beach Tennis

People love to play tennis and have many enthusiastic groups of Sportster around the world. The craze of playing tennis has been increasing rapidly, and many different types of competitions and tournaments are held on poker games too and you can check on BandarQQ. There are mainly 3 different types of tennis, and each one is different from another:-

  • Platform tennis
  • Paddle tennis
  • Beach tennis

Know more about these three and their differences:-

Platform tennis

Platform tennis gets started in 1930 by a small number of people that were looking for entertainment in a racquet. Platform tennis is played on an elevator, and a heated court is needed for the winters. The heated court is surrounded by the wire fence that helps the ball to stay in court. The Net Height is 34”, and the perimeter of this court is about 12 foot tall that has a galvanized fence.

Paddle Tennis

Paddle tennis was originated in 1898 as a game for the children and will time it was renamed as POP Tennis. Murray Geller set the rules and formats of POP tennis in 1959 that includes each and every detail. Paddle tennis is a great sport, and a little gear is necessary to play it.  The net height of it is 31”, and both the singles and doubles can play in the same court.

Beach Tennis

Beach tennis is a fast-paced sport that combines all the beach things and is considered as the most satisfying sport. Both athletes and non-athletes can play beach tennis, and people of all age groups can play it. There are some rules and equipment that are needed to play beach tennis.

These three differ from each other, but overall tennis is an amazing sport and people around the world love to play it.