Booking Transport For Volleyball Tournaments Made Easy


If you are the head coach or the chaperone parent, then you are fully aware of how troublesome it is to arrange for the travel and transport of the volleyball team especially during the season of leagues and tournaments. While you are simply happy that your kid chose an outdoor sport over games like Judi online, it is still a responsibility that can be exhausting. You need to be able to accommodate everyone comfortably and book different vehicles for different distances.

Making travel arrangements

If you are responsible for the travel and accommodation of a volleyball team, then you also need to book a few rooms for the parents who will accompany them. You need to find suitable lodging for the players. Since you are in a group, you are entitled to the group booking that offers discounted rates.

If there are a few upcoming trips, then you can make a deal with a travel agency, and they cut down the charges too. Managing teenagers is no easy deal. Book a bus or shuttle that has comfortable seating with an air conditioning system. Make sure you fit everyone in the same vehicle. If the distance is too long, then you also need to arrange for food and snacks for the journey. Choosing a hotel also becomes very significant. The location and the amenities that are being offered need to be considered. Book hotels that offer complimentary breakfast and avoid the players from any distractions. The location of the hotel also matters. It should be within proximity of the tournament venue.


This article will be very helpful if you are faced with this responsibility for the first time. Make sure to carry some emergency medicines and do not be too lenient with the players.