Fynd: Iphone Screen Phone Repair At Home

While the most common setup for phone repair shops is that they position themselves in tech sections in malls, or they have their own sturdy repair shop, one of the shops that stand out by bringing their own shop to the comfort of your own home, doing iphone repair Singapore services is Fynd. If you have cracked your phone screen, then they will just come straight to your house and have it repaired for you, which takes convenience up a notch on your part. With that said, what are the types of damage that they repair?

Cracked Glass on the Outer Side

There are times when only the cracked glass gets broken on the outer side, with the LCD Screen still left intact. In this case the touchscreen is still fine, and the display is in good shape. This is one of the most common repair cases that they encounter, and with this, the cost is going to be much lower. The most common cause of this one is falls from relatively lower altitudes, or the phone falling on solid ground. While the phone can still be used, the problem here is that it may be exposed to further damage if this small damage does not get fixed in the soonest possible time. Moreover, you can be at risk of injury as glass can be sharp.

Damage Extending to Touch Screen

This is a rather problematic one, as drops from much higher altitudes would cause the screen to lose its responsiveness. Apart from losing graphic display, sometimes, screens could have lines that are either black or in rogue colours. Also, certain areas may be more responsive thn others. LCD replacement is the only solution for this one, and this is something that they can do with ease, but of course, will cost more than just having the cracked glass.