A look At Forum Dontpayfull

Another great site that you can visit if you’re a marketer who wants to give away coupons to clients for promotion’s sake, or if you are a client who wants to save more is forum.dontpayfull.com. This is a site that allows both marketers and clients to gather and talk about certain things through forums. Their site consists of 5 main headers, and let’s have a look at what these sections have to offer.

Forum Information

The first part of this site are Discussion Areas for Suggestions and Feedback to make the site better, as well as News and Announcements pertaining to the site operations, and other matters that may be deemed urgent or just don’t fall in other categories.

Reviews and Discussions

This section is reserved more on things that may be categorized as “wants”, with the Shopping Discussion being one of the busiest, with more than 15,000 discussions to date. Apart from the main shopping discussion, you also are informed about products and stores through Stores Reviews, Comments, and Complains and the Product Review Sections. There also is an “As Seen on TV” and Online Shopping Sections for more specific products, as suggested by the title.

Bills, Utilities, Personal Finance

This is the part which is composed of discussions for necessities, or things that you may think would be hard to get a discount for. This part would aim to prove you wrong, as discussions here are for you to be able to cut costs around these, specifically, for Phone, TV, and Internet Bills, Insurance, Utilities, Personal Finance, and Insurance. All of these are expenses that are usually non-negotiable, and the forums allow companies to promote their brands with hopes of giving you an opportunity to spend less without having to compromise the quality of the service given.