Arctis 7 Headset For Your Ultimate Gaming Experience

Stumbling upon a quality pair of gaming headsets actually sounds easier than it actually is; some players go for quality surround sound when playing first person shooting while others need headsets with durable mics for communication with teammates and there are those that prioritize the comfort of the headset above all else, take note that it’s rare for a single headset to accommodate everything. Fortunately, Arctis 7 is there to do everything it can for the user; 토토먹튀 for the full review

Arctis 7 Headset

The $150 Arctis 7 Headset displays minimalistic design, the literature is written in symbols for everyone’s better understanding; in the package, expect compartment for a 3.5mm cable, USB charging cable and USB dongle. After getting through the packaging, the headset itself is set with minimal design, mute colors and elegant lines. The designers and manufacturers revolved around the idea of a gaming headset that not only looked good but performed above average regardless of the connection. Arctis 7 steered clear of cringe-worthy designs like restricting connectivity, aesthetics that give it the appearance of a toy and limited software.

The band is a single strip pf static metal which in no way widens of extends, but the earcups can be swiveled. Of course it sounds incredibly uncomfortable and it is, if it was the part that will rest on your head. Fortunately, something called a ‘ski goggle strap’ will be attached to the headband which will in turn rest on your head. A great feature is the retractable mic, no worries on the durability since it’s flexible and can be placed inside the left earcup whenever you’re not using it; one second you have a headset and the next you’re left with a handy wireless headphone for various usage.