Visitor Registration Badges By Proxyclick

If you haven’t considered a visitor registration app for iPad, then you’re seriously missing out on all the benefits that it entails. One being that it’s a lot more appealing for visitors, so if the competition has implemented one then that would be a huge plus for them. Now that you’re beginning to consider the idea, go for ProxyClick because this developer has topped numerous charts and continuous to soar in popularity. Apart from the program and the kiosk itself, the offer badges for the visitors and below are the features:

  • Make use of any printer –

ProxyClick is compatible with any hardware out there, even the AirPrint printers. Badges can be automatically printed straight from the iPad during a visitor’s check in or from the computer handled by the receptionist.

  • Easy editing of the design –

With the help of the online badge editor, every badge can be fully customized; add the brand or logo of the business, pick out fonts and colors, background images and even themes.

  • Pre-print any badge –

If you want to go and plan ahead or you expect the reception to be rushed, take note that badges can be printed well in advance. Badges are issued before the visitor arrives.

  • Any badge can be used –

Make use of badges that are ideal and actually work for you. For example, they could be badges that expire, swipe cards or paper badges, depending in what the owner prefers.

  • Add helpful details –

Details like appointment schedules are options to print on the badge. Freely add details like the Wi-Fi code, meeting room number, safety icons and important notes. Doing so allows the visitor to get a hold of what they need before meetings begin.

  • Identifying visitor types –

Clients can have the system programmed where visitors are color coded. Like when contractors get green badges and students on visits obtain the blue ones.