Frame The Best Pics That You Love

A wedding is a very important moment in everyone’s life. We want everything to be perfect on this special day. We take care of the venue bookings, arranging caterers, and even pay attention to the decoration. A new trend has started recently.  However, all your memories that are captured need to be flaunted which is why you should make the most out of the best photo frames that you can invest in. Before you get a professional photo shoot conducted, make sure you get the best frames to invest in so that your photo framing looks amazing.

Couples like to engage in what is called ‘Pre wedding photography’. Some call their pre wedding photography as an engagement session, while others call it a lifestyle photo shoot. There are many advantages of conducting pre wedding photography. It is one of the best ways to learn your photographer. This will also prepare you for the picture marathon your wedding day presents you with. Here we give you a few tips for an amazing pre wedding photo shoot.

  1. Flaunt The Ring

No pre wedding photo shoot is complete without a picture of the engagement rings. While in some cases both the boy and the girl have an engagement ring, a few boys go down and propose to their ladylove by putting an engagement ring on her finger. Capturing moments with the ring is something couples should do. This will remind them of the proposal and the excitement for the wedding that followed.

  1. The Bubble Effect

This is cute, innocent, and romantic. It helps bring out the playful side in couples and capture candid moments, which are perfect for a pre wedding shoot.

  1. Captions

This trend is getting popular for a reason. It’s one of the best ways to tell people who check out the pictures a story about your relationship, who proposed and how the journey began.